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About company

Our company has been working since 1994. In 2009, a new direction was opened - engineering communications. To date, our company has installed more than 900 sewer systems, more than 50 heating systems. In the structure of the company the management apparatus, the supply and marketing department, 5 assembly brigades, which regularly attend refresher courses. 80% of employees have a construction education. The objects of production are located in Moscow, St. Petersburg, as well as in the Leningrad, Pskov and Novgorod regions.

Our company is the dealer of all the largest and most famous manufacturers. This is confirmed by the existence of direct contracts. We are constantly growing and developing to be near when our help, experience and knowledge are needed! We offer not just equipment - we offer a complete solution to a specific task! We are always glad to new partners and are open for cooperation!

To receive full information on cooperation with the company "Septic78.ru" you can go to the Dealers section or call +79215626782

Free consultation

The development of a sewage system is a complex task, requiring serious training. You can get a free consultation from our engineers with vast experience.

Free metering and budgeting

Before starting the installation of the sewage system, it is necessary to analyze and assess the ground conditions, as well as the groundwater level. These works, as well as measuring the site where the work will be done, and drawing up the estimate, our specialists will produce completely free of charge.

Delivery to the place

Modern septic tanks are massive devices, the weight of which, as a rule, exceeds 500 kg. Our company delivers the sewage treatment systems purchased from us to the address specified by you on a special transport.

Professional installation

When installing an autonomous sewage system, its installation should be given special attention, since even the best quality septic can not function correctly if it was not connected correctly.

Warming, connection, cleaning and other additional services

Our company also provides other services for the modernization and maintenance of autonomous sewage systems.

SEPTIC78.RU - official dealer

The company "SEPTIC78.RU" is the official dealer of the leading manufacturers of autonomous sewer systems and septic tanks. We are engaged in the sale and installation of such brands as Eurobion, Unilos Astra Biodeka, Topol, Rostok, Vortex Deca,



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